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Archer Employee

Prior to RSA Archer v6, a module called Enterprise Management was used to deliver applications for documenting an organization’s technical and operational structure. With the migration to use cases, RSA decided to simplify the licensing process by removing the Enterprise Management prerequisite and simply baking these applications into each use case license. However, while this simplified the licensing process, it made it harder to independently update these apps through packaging without changing any other use cases. To help streamline the packaging process, RSA Archer is introducing a new Enterprise Catalog package available for version 6.5 and later.


This is simply a new package, not a new use case, so it has no impact on licensing. The package consolidates common applications that are used across 5 or more Archer use cases, including:

  • Company
  • Division
  • Business Unit
  • Contacts
  • Facilities
  • Devices
  • Applications
  • Business Processes
  • Products & Services
  • Information Assets
  • Storage Devices
  • Technologies
  • Control Procedures
  • Master Controls


This new package enables you to update Enterprise Catalog applications independently from a use case update and simplifies the installation process for updating enterprise asset applications. All access roles, workspaces, and dashboards related to Enterprise Catalog applications will also be included in the package. All use cases that contained Enterprise Catalog applications have been repackaged on RSA Archer version 6.5. The installation instructions for these use cases have been updated to reflect the fact that Enterprise Catalog will need to be installed as a prerequisite. Each use case page on RSA Link will contain a hyperlink to the Enterprise Catalog page to help with this process.


Interested in learning more about the RSA Archer Enterprise Catalog package? Join us for a Free Friday Tech Huddle on Friday, May 3rd. Note, Free Friday Tech Huddles are only available to RSA Archer customers.