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There are several formats that can be used in the source file in order to import content into Record Permission and User/Group fields for a Data Feed.  The value in the source file can be the User ID (the unique identifier for each user), the User Name or the Display Name.  Here is the logic that Data Feed and Data Import use to locate a user within the RSA Archer GRC Platform:


NOTE:  value refers to the value in the source file that is mapped to the Record Permission or User/Group field

  1. If value is not an integer value than skip to step 3.
  2. Look for value in the User ID field
  3. If not found, look for value in the User Name field.  The format is username@domain or just username if the domain is not used.
  4. If not found, look for value in the Name fields (Display Name).  The format is LastName, FirstName MiddleName (notice the space between FirstName and MiddleName).  If there are multiple names after LastName than it will search for the name as both FirstName and MiddleName.  For example, If the name is Smith, Mary Beth than it will look for Mary in the FirstName and Beth in the MiddleName and if that is not found, then it will look for Mary Beth in the FirstName. If there are many names then it will assume the last value is the middle name and the rest is the first name.  For examples, Smith, Mary Beth Jane Kate Marcy will use Marcy as the middle name and Mary Beth Jane Kate as the first name.


If a user is found at any point, the search stops.  For example, if a user is located in step 2, then no other steps are performed.


If you have questions or problems I would recommend posting them in the Discussion Forum instead of posting them here.  They will get a lot more attention in the Discussion Forum.  You may refer to this article within your question there if you wish.