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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Our friends at Archer Scripts, a RSA Exchange Technology Partner, have a special holiday offer for RSA Archer customers. The Archer Scripts team has been working hard to provide innovation solutions for the RSA Archer community. As a token of their appreciation of your continued support, Archer Scripts would like to provide your organization with one of their most popular offerings, the Archer Scripts User Status Indicator and Tooltip Tool & Utility, free of charge via the RSA Exchange. 

The Archer Scripts User Status Indicator and Tooltip tool displays a user status indicator next to user information to help business users quickly identify inactive or locked users in their records.

archer scripts blog photo 1 resize.jpg

In addition, the tool provides a mouse-over triggered pop-up of user account information, including status, last logged in time and groups. This helps you identify inactive users within the RSA Archer record so you can take appropriate actions.

archer scripts blog photo 2  resize.jpg

If you are not yet an Archer Scripts customer, you will need to contact Archer Scripts to request your free tool. Because Archer Scripts modifies the offering for each customer based on the host domain name, you will need to provide Archer Scripts with the following information:

  • Company Name
  • Company Contact Name
  • Archer Instance Host Domain 
    Please note:
    • You can provide multiple RSA Archer Instance Host Domains.
    • If your RSA Archer instance can be accessed at, please provide the text of “”.
    • If the name is a direct host machine name, such as http://test-local-host/, please provide the whole text of “test-local-host”.
    • The offering does not send malicious data to or from your instance. The Host Domain is used to build the license key.

For more details about this offering, please visit the RSA Exchange or the Archer Scripts website.