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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

As everyone continues to unpack the goodness that resides in the RSA Archer 6.4 release, I wanted to call attention to one deliberate change which has been made in the API which can be used to retrieve History Log data (the content/history/{id} API)

This change was necessary to accommodate changes in the History Log feature to support the tracking of Advanced Workflow User Actions but the result is that the format of the response received from the API is changed. Therefore those who have built integrations or utilities which call into this API may need to make minor adjustments to their code to take account of it in the way they parse the response from the API to retrieve the data they are interested in.


The API in question takes a content id and retrieves the History Log entries for that piece of content. The changes in the API response are as follows:


  • The removal of the ContentId value from the topmost level of the response (since it is included elsewhere in the response, and must be supplied into the API anyway, passing this back uses bandwidth needlessly).
  • The restructuring of the results. Instead of including the array of values from the History Log field directly after identifying the field id in use, the values are included in an object named HistoryAudits, This is cleaner and more correct.

  • The inclusion of applicable Advanced Workflow activities which are now tracked in the History Log field.


Those with integrations or utilities which call into this API are encouraged to take the following steps as part of their upgrade to 6.4.

  1. Install 6.4 in a sandbox environment
  2. Create some dummy data in applications which are tracked via the History Log, including records enrolled in Advanced Workflow where User Action nodes have been passed through
  3. Execute integration scripts against the API (or run utilities which use it) for the content created in step 2.
  4. Review results


In the event of breaking changes, make code adjustments to remap where the data is retrieved from in the API response and retry.