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Champion III

Since we upgraded from Archer Platform 5.5 to in June 2015, we have had a problem with Archer automatically logging users in again after they click on the Logout link. This has inconvenienced test users who log in using test accounts and enter “/default.aspx?manuallogin=true” at the end of the URL to do so. To get around these issues, I created a simple HTML page, shown in the attached file, that offers users the option to automatically log in with single sign-on (we call the account a LAN ID here) or manually using a test account. I use this technique only in non-production environments, and so far the users like it, since they don’t need to manually modify the URL to get around single sign-on. The technique is described in the attached file.


We hope that an upgrade from to later this week will solve the automatic re-login issue. But, we may keep using the logout redirect technique in non-production environments, since testers and Archer administrators find it handy.