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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

We have all heard the adage that great things come in threes. Stooges. Pigs. Blind Mice. The list goes on and on. I have am very pleased to announce another thrilling combination of three – Gartner Magic Quadrants. EMC (RSA) has been positioned in the leader’s quadrant in three Gartner Magic Quadrants: Operational Risk Management, IT Risk Management and IT Vendor Risk Management.


Today, every organization is facing risk from multiple angles.   The business must understand and respond to risks within operations on a daily basis.   Third parties, vendors, suppliers and host of other participants in the business create a complex ecosystem that must be managed appropriately.  Finally, IT risks ranging from security to resiliency to technology strategy must be tackled for organizations to fully leverage the immense benefits of technology innovations to drive business growth.     The combination of these three vectors of risk produces a tremendous challenge as companies seek to exploit business opportunities while keeping risk in check.


We believe these reports highlight RSA Archer’s commitment in providing organizations with the most comprehensive solution to take command control of your risk.  Through our partnerships with our customers and our continued execution towards the goal of inspiring everyone to own risk, we are honored to be recognized by Gartner as leaders in these markets.

For more information, visit our special Gartner Magic Quadrant page.