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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

With today's launch of RSA Exchange Release R11, we're excited to share new offerings to enable you to expand your IT & Security Risk Management processes. It's important to have a complete picture of technology and security-related risks in order to make decisions. What's more, the alignment of security policies and regulatory and business requirements is critical for success.


One of our new offerings, the RSA Archer IoT Project Readiness app-pack, enables organizations to prioritize their IoT projects around business goals and needs.  Our partner, NTT, has created the NTT ISMS Controls Assessment app-pack to help with the challenges that organizations face when setting up an Information Security Management System (ISMS).


We're excited about our partner integrations like the AWS IAM Access Analyzer which will provide a consolidated view of unauthorized access findings from multiple AWS accounts, prioritize and take action on critical devices, save time analyzing resource policies for public or cross-account accessibility, and continuously monitor and refine permissions. Our new Cysiv Command Integration provides an ongoing management of incidents and security posture using RSA Archer, while allowing Cysiv to provide SOC-as-a-service and SIEM-as-a-service. The Panaseer integration computes metrics that measure control deployment and control performance. Our Rapid7 Nexpose integration enables organizations to catalog network devices discovered on the network. Finally, the ThreatWatch integration enables organization to access near real-time vulnerability intelligence along with continuous impact assessment of organizational assets.


We're also introducing a wide range of content that provides best-practice policies, control standards, legal and regulatory requirements, industry standards, and assessments such as the CCPA Regulation that was passed in June 2018 and went into effect on January 2020.


To learn more about each of these new and updated offerings, start by reviewing the Product Advisory. Also, please join me on Friday, February 21 for a Free Friday Tech Huddle for an overview of the RSA Exchange Release R11 offerings.


And last, but not least, there is a wealth of documentation, downloads, and more on the RSA Exchange on RSA Link.  I recommend that you bookmark the listing of all RSA Exchange offerings. And if you have new ideas for the RSA Exchange, please submit them on RSA Ideas