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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Today, we’re pleased to announce availability of the RSA Exchange Release R9. Today also marks the 2nd anniversary for the RSA Exchange.  Let’s recap:

  • 2 years
  • 9 releases
  • 215+ offerings
  • 11 RSA Exchange Technology Partner offerings
  • 20 app-packs
  • 9 tools & utilities
  • 66 integrations
  • 120+ content offerings

The RSA Exchange is seeing amazing momentum, increasing our offering count with a release every quarter! We're so excited to share new app-packs, integrations, content, and much more to help you expand your journey with Integrated Risk Management (IRM).  


The RSA Exchange Release R9 continues to expand on our last release by adding another use case to support conflicts of interest.  In the RSA Exchange Release R8, we launched an offering to manage gifts, entertainment expenses, and charitable donations.  With this release, we expanded the conflicts of interest use case by developing an offering to manage conflicts of interest as it pertains to relationships internal and external to the organization.  In addition, we added another offering to manage complaints internal and external to the organization, while supporting whistle blower capabilities using the previously released RSA Archer Speak Up offering.


We have made lots of updates to existing content and integrations while continuing to add new content and integrations.  We previously released an integration with RiskRecon to help you monitor third party security risks within your organization.  With the RSA Exchange R9 release, you can now monitor your own company with the RiskRecon Own Enterprise Risk Monitoring integration.


Here is a full list of the new and updated offerings available in Release R9.






To learn more about what Release R9 has to offer, start by reviewing the product advisory to learn a bit more about each of the new and updated offerings.  Don't forget to check out our Free Friday Tech Huddle on Friday, August 23 for an overview of the RSA Exchange Release R9 offerings. I'll be providing a demonstration of the new RSA Archer Complaints Tracking and RSA Archer Conflict of Interest Management app-packs.


Lastly, there is a wealth of documentation, downloads, and more on the RSA Exchange on RSA Link.  I recommend that you bookmark the listing of all RSA Exchange offerings. And if you have new ideas for the RSA Exchange, please send them our way on RSA Ideas!  Also, don't forget to visit us at RSA Charge at the RSA Exchange booth to learn more about all our offerings to date!