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Archer Employee

Link to & 6.3 Installers: Enabling Advanced Workflow to use SSL through Archer Installer ( & 6.3) 


The items listed below are intended for use on DEV/TEST environments and should be fully tested before implementing in PROD environments.




We have made some installer enhancements to allow users to configure the Advanced Workflow Service to communicate using SSL. The changes first appeared in (6.2.00400.1036).


Please note the certificate requirements:

  1. Needs to be from ROOT CA, or if self signed, needs to be placed in the Trusted Root cert store.
  2. Common name of the server running the service must match the issued to name on the certificate. IP Address can also be used instead of hostname, as long as Advanced Workflow REST URL also portrays the IP Address.
  3. User will need to import the certificate into the local machine's personal store before they run the installer.
  4. Certificate needs to be used solely for the Advanced Workflow Service.


The following pages were added/modified to accomplish this.


The first page will display for every install, regardless of if the Advanced Workflow Service was selected during install.

  • The default values are listed below in the screenshot.
  • If you wish to use SSL for Advanced Workflow, you will need to update the Advanced Workflow REST URL to use the SSL port (specified on the next page), 'https' and the host name (example of this listed before screenshot).
  • IP address can be used instead of using hostname if the certificate also uses the IP Address.
  • The Advanced Workflow Communication Port is used for inter-server workflow communication. 


                  Example REST URL for SSL: https://HOSTNAME:8443




The second page page will only display when the user has selected to install the Advanced Workflow Service.

  • We will prompt users to enable HTTPS by default through the first install. After the first install/upgrade with these new settings, the installer will inherit whatever setting was used previously, while still allowing users to change their setting through each upgrade.
  • The default port used for HTTPS communication is listed below.
  • Once the certificate has been specified from the cert store prompt, every install after will display the option listed below.