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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

In July 2016, RSA Archer announced the RSA Archer Release 6.1 upgrade process for Archer customers who have hosted services to begin planning for and to schedule their upgrade.


This process for upgrading to Release 6.1 from 5.x is a bit of a departure from the typical upgrade process for hosted Archer customers, who  are accustomed to receiving notification of the date and time an upgrade will occur and having the RSA Archer Hosting Operations team “automagically” making everything happen behind the scenes.  However, for Release 6.1, the upgrade process for hosted customers requires a few additional steps to get the ball rolling. 


At a high level, the hosting upgrade process for Release 6.1 involves the following steps:

  • Review the hosting upgrade process instructions on RSA Link.
  • Complete the GRC 6.x survey available on RSA Link.
  • After your completed survey information has been reviewed, RSA will:
    • Assign an upgrade window, based on your request provided within the survey
    • Generate your new GRC 6.x license key, and
    • Contact the RSA Archer Hosting Operations team to schedule the upgrade for your non-production instance(s).
  • After the non-production upgrade is complete, your team will have three (3) weeks (15 business days) to test and review the non-production instance(s).
  • Following completion of your team’s three-week review cycle of the non-production instance, the RSA Archer Hosting Operations team will upgrade your production environment to GRC 6.x.
  • Once your GRC 6.x upgrade is complete, RSA Archer will decommission your Platform 5.x license key.


To date, we have 16 hosted clients that have migrated their non-production environments, in addition to eight hosted customers that are now live in production with Release 6.1. We are happy to report that few, if any, issues have been reported during these upgrades.


It’s important to note… Release 6.1 will not be applied to your environment without completion of the process outlined above.  To begin the process, you must follow the steps listed above.  More details are available on RSA Link, along with the schedule and available windows for non-production and production.


The clock is ticking! Signup for your timeslot is required no later than September 29, 2017. If you do not sign up for a timeslot by September 29, one will be chosen for you.


Questions?  Be sure to talk with your account manager at RSA Charge and get the process started.