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Archer Employee


  • Web Service Methods query server for information using Windows Management Instrumentation (WMI), execute SQL commands, and automate/simplify other functions.
  • ASPX Web Pages call the Web Service Methods, transform the XML data, and display the data in HTML.
  • XSLT Stylesheets transform the XML data returned from the Web Service Methods into HTML to produce heat maps, tables, and dashboards.
  • Web Service Methods are accessible by your own custom applications, preferred programming language, or custom ASPX Web Pages to view the data and take the appropriate action.



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ArcherToolBox - Dashboard.png

NOTE: This is not an RSA supported product and is intended as a proof-of-concept for non-prod environments and testing purposes.  Archer Support or Engineering teams will not be able to customize or enhance it.  Use at your own risk!  Work with your Windows Administrators to restrict access to the ArcherToolBox web site for security reasons.


Version History:

  • v2.4.2 - June 2017
    • Fixed issue when using Windows Authentication
    • Added support for multiple log folder paths using ArcherLogFolders setting
  • v2.4.1 - November 2016
    • Fixed issue with Trace Details web page
    • Fixed and improved the Field Details web page
    • Added DPS Last Run Detail web page
  • v2.4 - November 2016
    • Added/updated ASPX web pages and Web Service methods
    • Added support for the Instrumentation database to get trace data for Notifications, Data Feeds, and System Jobs
    • New pages: Trace Details, Field Details
    • Updated pages: Notification Details with filtering
  • v2.3 - May 2016
    • Added/updated ASPX web pages and Web Service methods
    • New Dashboards: Default, HeatMaps and Details
    • New Heat Map Summary pages: Login Failed, LDAP Errors, Calc Field Errors, and Security Events
    • New pages: Calc Fields, Calc Field Errors, Maintenance, and Users Logged In
    • Improved user experience
  • v2.2 - March 2016