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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Following up on my previous blog for the Q3-2014 content release announcement, here’s some additional information on the changes we’ve made to the Archer Control Standards library.


A few months ago we started a project to create a new GRC taxonomy to improve the way the Archer Control Standards library is organized. While the previous categorical groupings loosely served this purpose already we wanted to tighten things up and reset on a new standardized foundation. So we parsed several prevailing standards and control frameworks to aggregate all the various categories and areas of coverage. We then distilled those down into a consolidated set of 57 categorical terms and developed descriptions for each to comprise our new Archer GRC Control Standard taxonomy. The last step was to reclassify each control standard under the new taxonomy which at 1,200+ control standards was no small effort!


This new taxonomy is intended to replace the previous collection of terms that grew over the years with a more concise and descriptive resource to make exploring the Archer Control Standards library easier. You’ll be able to better search and filter for specific areas of coverage as well as more quickly identify and assign ownership based on roles and responsibilities.


Everything needed is included in the Q3-2014 quarterly content release package. A formatted XML import file and set of instructions for implementing this new taxonomy are provided to make it a straight forward data import exercise. Adopting the new taxonomy is not a requirement although it is highly recommended as it will be the embedded standard beginning with version 5.5.2 of the Archer platform due to be released shortly. As such we will only be including the new taxonomy values in the Control Standards import files going forward.


If you have existing workflows, reports, etc., tied to the old values you can keep using those and migrate to the new taxonomy at a later time or use both indefinitely. The release documentation discusses a few scenarios to help illustrate various options and of course you are always welcome to reach out to Customer Support or me personally for any inquiries or assistance.


We hope you find this new GRC taxonomy useful and as always welcome any feedback you have.


All the best,