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Building an Archer solution until GoLive is part of being an administrator. Increasing amount of data over time, interdependencies between solutions, or even issues in the environment’s infrastructure are important components of operating the solution. In addition, it does not matter how well designed or built the solutions are, if there are production issues on a regular basis, users lose trust in the platform.

NTT has designed the NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations Tool & Utility to provide Archer administrators with a comprehensive approach for monitoring and analyzing the operations of their Archer solutions. The tool & utility enables Archer administrators to closely monitor the health of their Archer environment and proactively identify issues that might have an impact on system integrity or availability.

The NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations Tool & Utility has two distinct capabilities, Platform Monitoring and Deep Dive Analysis, that each address key components of an Archer administrator's operational needs. The Platform Monitoring functionality monitors individual parameters within an Archer environment for potential issues, while the Deep Dive Analysis component provides analysis for reported issues generated from both the Platform Monitoring functionality and end users.

Key Features

The NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations Tool & Utility enables organizations to:

  • Monitor more than 20 individual parameters within your Archer environment related to data feeds, schedules, system jobs, Advanced Workflow, search index, calculations, and more 
  • Receive automated alerts in case an issue is detected
  • Create reports to see trends over time 
  • Monitor critical parameters out-of-band  
  • Analyze issues reported by the Platform Monitoring functionality or end users such as: 
    • Long running calculation jobs 
    • Outdated search index 
  • Have a better understanding of an Archer instance, for example:
    • Get details about where a particular field is referenced from 
    • Statistics about history log data down to field level 


  • Closely monitor the health of your Archer environment. 
  • Proactively identify issues that might have an impact on system integrity or availability.  
  • Improve overall end user experience by reducing system downtimes or other issues in your production environment. 
  • Reduce effort within operation teams by supporting analysis tasks. 

Solution and Platform Information

  • Solution Area: All 
  • Prerequisite Use Cases:  This offering does not require any prerequisites. 
  • Supported Platform Version: Archer Platform Release 6.6 P4
  • Supported Archer Environments:  On-Premises

Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) Licenses

  • One (1) Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) license is required for the NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations Tool & Utility.
  • One (1) questionnaire is required for this offering. This requires a licensed use case that enables questionnaires in order for this questionnaire to function.
  • Additional licensing fees will also apply. For questions regarding this offering or to obtain the install package, please contact

For More Information

To learn more about the NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations Tool & Utility:

The NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations Tool & Utility is an offering provided through the Archer Exchange to enhance your existing Archer implementation. To learn more about the Archer Exchange, please visit the Archer Exchange on the Archer Community. 

For Additional Support

To learn more about NTT, please visit or contact For technical support questions, please contact

Operations Dashboard.png


NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations Dashboard 


Deep Dive Analysis.png

NTT Platform Monitoring and Operations Deep Dive Analysis
Job Engine Metrics Example

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