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The AWS IAM Access Analyzer integration helps cloud operations teams to identify potential security risks with cloud resources in their AWS environment. It informs which resources are shared with external principals as per the configured IAM policies. It uses logic-based reasoning to analyze resource-based policies in the AWS environment and generates findings.


The integration with Archer allows organizations to automatically import finding data directly into Archer which provides the tools needed to analyze the findings, automatically notify responsible personnel, and proactively address issues before they impact the organization.


Customers can benefit from this offering with a consolidated view of unauthorized access findings from multiple AWS accounts, prioritize and take action on critical devices, save time analyzing resource policies for public or cross-account accessibility, and continuously monitor and refine permissions.


Key Features

The AWS IAM Access Analyzer integration enables organizations to:

  • Automatically import findings into Archer to monitor cloud risks
  • View and analyze findings linked directly to the resources
  • Identify and address issues regarding access


Solution and Platform Information

  • Solution Area:
  • Prerequisite Use Cases:
  • Optional Use Cases:
    • Please review the implementation guide for a full list of the optional applications and use cases to expand this offering.
  • Supported Platform Version: 
    • Archer Platform Version 6.7 and above
  • Supported Archer Environments:
    • On-Premises
    • Archer Hosted
    • Archer SaaS


Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) Licenses

Two (2) Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) licenses are required for the AWS IAM Access Analyzer Integration.


For More Information

To learn more about the AWS IAM Access Analyzer Integration:

The AWS IAM Access Analyzer Integration is provided through the Archer Exchange to help expand your Archer use cases. To learn more about the Archer Exchange, please visit the Archer Exchange on the Archer Community.


For Additional Support

To learn more about this offering, please contact your Account Rep for additional details. For technical support questions regarding this offering, please open a support case

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