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This option can be used to request an extra 20 hours of runtime access over a 4-week period of virtual lab time per person following a course. This can also be used to simply provision a lab environment for the same amount of time stated above.

Kindly note the following:

  1. If you are currently taking an Archer course and would like your current lab to be extended, you must request an extension before your existing lab expires.
  2. Provisioning and extending a lab environment is a manual process, typically completed within 1 business day of the request under normal business hours. Please allow enough time for the request to be received and for provisioning to be completed before your current lab expires.
  3. If the lab is not extended before your current lab runs out, you will be assigned a new lab image. None of your existing work will carry over and there is no way to recover work lost.
  4. The clock for additional time begins as soon as the lab is provisioned. Therefore, if you request a lab to be added or extended near the end of a workweek, be aware that the clock includes the weekend days. We recommend that you plan your use of the lab hours accordingly.
  5. Once registered, please complete this form to request the additional time.

Delivery Type
On-Demand Lab

20 hours of access to be used within four weeks.


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