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Activity in Archer Working Groups

Integration RSA Archer with

Hello, I need to integrate RSA Archer 6.11 with I imported into RSA Archer data feed " Plugins RSA Archer 6.7" and JavaTransporter script "Signed-TenableSC_v1_0_14.js". I need to fill in the fields in the Source Connection secti...

LuboLX by Contributor
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Insert/Edit Links

Link added to a policy record shows that it refused to connect. I ensured that the link was corrected after ARCHER changed it. When I copy the link and put it in my browser it works fine. Any suggestions?

JGibbs by Contributor
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Questions on Calculated Cross Reference field

We have an application "Audit Engagement" that is cross referenced to "Crunchy Questionnaire" and "key Controls" applications. Within the "Key Controls" application, we have level application "Test Steps" that is not cross referenced to Audit Engagem...

Naresh260 by Contributor III
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Help on Calculated cross reference field

Hi team,We have Audit Engagement application within which we have Key Controls and Crunchy Questions has the cross references from this application. Now, we are adding a new section to track Data Analytics at Key Controls level. Within this new secti...

Naresh260 by Contributor III
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Tech hurdle

Hi I am trying to access tech hurdle videos but system denied my request plz check and let me know, i have done recently power user course.RegardsMuhammad

Mail merge syntax for levelled apps

i am creating a mail merge template to pull data from levelled apps. The application is key controls and test steps is the levelled app. what is the syntax that i need to use to get the table format like below?control title Test ID Test description c...

Naresh260 by Contributor III
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Resolved! Deployment Automation

Hi,Does Archer has functionality to integrate with Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) platforms to automate code, script scanning and deployment?

Archer Program Feedback Survey Working Group

The Archer Exchange has been focused on how we can provide you the most value. After gathering initial feedback from you, we noticed that some of you would like to send internal surveys within your organization to help improve and gain a better under...

Archer Project Management App-Pack

If you don't already know about the Archer Exchange, we provide offerings that complement your existing Archer use cases. These could be app-packs, integrations, tools & utilities, or content. The Archer Exchange has been around for over 3 years and ...

RSA Charge, Risk Management Working Group

During the first day of the Charge Conference in Dallas, the Archer Product Team will be hosting a series of working groups on our various solutions areas. I’ll be hosting the session on ORM, or ERM, or Risk Management, or maybe IRM? You know what, I...

RSA Charge Working Groups

The Archer Product Management team, along with other Subject Matter Experts, will be hosting a series of Working Group sessions on the first day of RSA Charge, Tuesday October 17th 2017. Working Groups play a vital role in validating and driving RSA ...

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