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Archer Engage for Vendors

Our company is looking to use Archer Engage and Archer Governance modules. I would like to hear from other companies who have it. Do you like the cases, and does it work well with Vendors?

Link within Notification changing after save

When I attempt to insert a link to an Archer dashboard in the body of a notification email, it's changing the link after it's saved. As a result, the link doesn't work. The link inserted =

AWF Workflow Job Status in Error

I reverted a record that was out of the AWF back to a node that was in the AWF. This did not re-enroll the record in AWF, which is what I wanted. Then I attempted to move the record back to the completed (out of the AWF), and now the "Workflow Job St...

Package Error

Hi TeamI an getting following error while creating package Component Type: UnknownComponent: Object: Advanced WorkflowError Type: ErrorError: An error has occurred while attempting to package the Advanced Workflow component. The error message is Obje...

MO-ALAM by Contributor
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Audit Management Offline Capabilities

The Archer Product Management is evaluating functionality related to the Archer Audit Management Offline capabilities. We are interested in gaining a better understanding of how this functionality plays a role in your Archer business processes. We ha...

RSA Archer GRC on mobile phone

Is there minimum application, OS or system requirements needed to access GRC on a mobile phone? For instance, getting into a record from a link in a notification to complete a questionnaire or workflow step. I found that there are users that can do t...

Resolved! ADNOC || Archer Usage & Utilization

Kindly support if the below is achievable on Archer with its nature features. We need to generate reports with the below criteria Number of users logins per dayNumber of users per department/business hierarchy level loginsAverage user's time spent on...

A-Mazhar by Archer Employee
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Resolved! Report filter does not contains specific field

Hi,We are working with Archer 6.8.6.When creating a report some fields (eg. Tracking ID) can be selected to show it in the report.But the same field does not appear in the filters section!In the sorting section the field is availlable.What is the rea...