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How do we compare two Record Permission fields?

Contributor III

Need to compare two different Record Permission fields. If both the values are same, then we need to blank the 2nd field. Else the same value.


How could we get this via custom code?


Contributor III

Is this what your question is? 

If X = Y, 

Then Y = blank,

Else Y = X?


Why would you do this? It is a continuous rotation of a blanking Y and making it equal X just to blank Y again.


Or am I missing something?

Champion III

Jagan Chandravadhanam,


Standard calculation can be used for post save action should RP fields contains only 1 value max.

Otherwise, these topics could be useful for you:

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Copy Record Permission Field to another Record Permission Field 

Hi Rob Wilder‌,

X and Y are User editable fields.

If X = Y,

Then Y= Blank,

Else Y=User entering value.