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Best way to Refresh record?

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I have a number of scenarios where we use a custom object to trigger data feeds and APIs, which process and add/modify content on that record.  I'm looking for a way to refresh/reload that page (a button will do for now, although it'd be great if there was a way to just have the page reload every 5 seconds or so, and check to see if a helper values list is set to "complete").  When use the save functionality we always get the "conflict resolution" screen, so I'm hoping there is some other option to simply refresh the record.

Has anyone done this or have any ideas?



Contributor III

David PettyIlya KhenJeff Letterman‌ Can you help?

Andrea, Is the record in view or edit mode?


If in View mode you could call the record recalc method,

$pb('{"a":[{"Key":"contentid","Value":"'+ getRecordId()+'"}],"e":"recalculate"}');

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Typically, it's in Edit mode.  Someone on our team came up with this, which works well.


function refresh()
{"/GenericContent/Record.aspx?id="+parent.ArcherInterface.lockedContentId.replace(/_/g, "&"),$("iframe", parent.document).attr("name"))

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Hi Jay - does that force a page refresh without any interaction from the end user? What are the downsides? For example, and particularly since in Edit mode, a user is midway through making changes and the custom object triggers - will they lose their changes?


I'm thinking this might be a great way to force a refresh while A2A feeds are generating record content, but equally it could end in lock messages. Hmm..

Dom, it's very possible that the user would loose any data they entered being refreshing the page is re-pulling the data from the database.

 Advisory Consultant - Archer, an RSA Business