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Date Comparison in Archer 6.3

We have this Date Comparison JavaScript in Archer 5.5 running, but we are unable to get this script to work in Archer 6.3 P4.I am attaching the copy of the current JavaScript that is being used and is working in Archer 5.5. Please help us resolve thi...

Custom Object to restrict Past date

Hi All,We have one requirement where customer want to restrict the date field cannot be selected as Past date from the current date of the record while choosing one values from the value list field.Can anyone help us how to fulfil the above requireme...

Resolved! SOAP API in javascript not working

SOAP API in javascript doesn't seem to work and what exactly am I doing wrong. Tried using Res API, but search option isn't enabled. When I fetch using content id it works like a charm. I get 400 bad request.......something to do with searchstring o...

Custom Object is not working in 6.11 P1HF1

Hi Team,We have implemented one custom object in value list field for one values to populate error/warning msg to user when they are trying to conclude the record without filling that required values. It is working when we chose that particular value...

Digital Signatures - Part 11 Compliant

For anyone currently utilizing the Digital Signature feature offered by Archer - Do you know if the mechanism that facilitates that functionality is FDA Part 11 (Electronic Records, Electronic Signatures) compliant? If yes, do you have any documentat...

Resolved! Custom Pop-up message with AWF button

Looking to see if there is a way to add a custom pop up message when a user selects an advanced workflow button? For example if the user selects “Reject”, we want a pop up to say “Are you sure you want to reject this record?”. We are having issues wi...

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