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Resolved! Archer Console API utility

Can you redirect me to Archer console API utility which we can download in our local machine and can give inputs to generate token and can access all Archer APIs?i am not looking for Archer API utility which we install within Archer using package@Ily...

Ajeet by Contributor III
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Archer record permission

Is there anyone who has experience on capturing old approver information in record permission. Our client is trying to save information as to who was old approver for a record. The scenario is that initial approver is assigned however due to some cir...

Pop up shows for all drop down lists

Ive read through the other posts as best as I can but I am too new at js to know what I am omitting....I have a popup configured when a value is selected from one drop down. problem is the pop up shows id any other drop down on the page is changed. C...

Rlowen by Contributor II
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Hide a Copy button in the editing and viewing modes and from a right-click of a record name when the value of a field name, "Component Type" (field ID (19858)) is "Information System"

Hi, Archer Custom Objects SMEs,I need to hide a copy button (in the edit and view modes and from a right click of a record name). The below script does it except a condition (when the value of a field name, "Component Type" (field ID (19858)) is "Inf...

Resolved! Date Compare custom object 5.5 SP2

Hi All, We have a custom object in Archer 5.4 which compares start and end date. If the end date selected by the user is less than (before) start date it will give warning message and not allow to save or apply the record. Post upgrade to Archer 5.5 ...

ChiragShah by Contributor II
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Resolved! Hiding Export Option

Hi all, I need your thoughts on this, I'm trying to hide the export option which comes by default in archer using below custom object, but it's not working. did anyone have any idea to hide this? I want only the mail merge one, not the default export...

Resolved! Javascript custom code for Multiple values

Hi ,We have a requirement to populate source data from one application to other application on a button click by creating a record, we have achieved this using content API buy writing to JavaScript code in custom object. When a single value is select...

Bharath by Contributor III
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