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Archer Employee

We unified the Archer Engage and Archer Engage for Vendor products in Portal v.3.0.0 and Agent v2.0.0 to improve the User Experience and unlock additional features for each product. However, while unifying products, we maintained data separation for both products to mitigate data privacy and security concerns. We didn't stop there; we also added Product Identifiers so that you can control which product Archer Engage Agent publishes the content*.

Unified Product - Product Identifier.png

In the following sections, we share details on how you can configure your setup to leverage the Product Identifier while publishing content to Engage Products.

Product Identifier in App Builder: Engage Config page

Engage Config Page has an option to select "Internal Users" or "External Vendors." The "External Vendor" selection will direct Engage Agent to publish the content to Archer Engage for Vendors (E4V).

Engage Config Tab.png

The "Internal Users" option is not yet fully implemented, and we do not recommend using it until further notice. However, once available and selected, the Engage Agent will publish the content to Archer Engage (E4BU).

Product Identifier in Custom Objects:  

A custom object is the recommended option for publishing Assessments and Records to Archer Engage (E4BU). It is also the only option for publishing Templates to both Engage Products. And in many cases, customers also use the Custom Object to publish content in Archer Engage for Vendor (E4V). 

Specifying the Product Identifier in the Custom Object Code is straightforward, as you can see in the following example of the Custom Object code for Assessment and Record Publishing.

Product_Identifier - Assessment Publishing.png

And here is an example of Custom Object code for publishing Templates.

Product_Identifier - Template Publishing.png

And the last, an example of “deleting” or revoking the templates from Engage Portal.

Product_Identifier - Delete Template.png

Publishing without specifying Product Identifier:

You can still publish the content without specifying a Product Identifier in the Custom Object code. However, Engage Agent will determine which Engage product to publish the content in that case. Hence, we strongly recommend adding Product Identifier to the Custom Object code and avoiding content going to the unintended Engage Product. 

If you publish an Assessment or Record without a Product Identifier, the Engage Agent will publish it to Archer Engage for Vendor (E4V). However, if you publish a Template (to create records from Engage Portal), the Engage Agent will publish the Template to Archer Engage (E4BU), and Engage Portal will save new records in Archer Engage (E4BU).

 Similarly, if you initiate “deletion” or revocation of a template without a Product Identifier, the Engage Agent will try to revoke the template from Archer Engage (E4BU).

We recommend reading the blog post Record Creation in Archer Engage in Archer Community for more information on Record Creation. We have also made the package with a complete script to create records, publish, and delete templates on the Archer Community. For more details, you can also access online help documents from Archer Help Center.

We look forward to your suggestions, feedback, or questions in the Comment Section below. 


* Publishing content to a product you haven't acquired a license may result in irrecoverable data loss.