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Archer Customer Self-Troubleshooting

Self-Troubleshooting is a digital, fully automated solution that empowers Archer customers to auto resolve support requests, without human intervention and at a 99.9% enhanced time to resolve… 2-3 min. vs 2-3 days. In addition, it allows customers – ...

Preparing for RSA Archer 6.3: Use Case Documentation

The RSA Archer Suite includes 36 multi-disciplinary risk management use cases across 7 solutions areas that address the most critical areas of business risk. Each use case comes with a Use Case Guide, which will get you started with overview and desi...

What is the "Defend the Kingdom" blog series?

The Defend the Kingdom blog series is a fictional storyline following the adventures of Marty Bishop, a skilled, imaginative security administrator fighting cybercrime on the frontlines of the massive multi-national conglomerate MagnaCorp. Starting a...

How many vendors does it take to change a lightbulb?

You know the age old joke right? Suppliers, vendors, or third parties as they are commonly known, have become an integral part of business operations for most organizations. Wal-Mart utilizes over 60,000 of them, while Boeing has over 21,000. Know ho...