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The RSA Archer Professional Services team and accredited service partners offers a full range of
consulting and implementation services, designed to help organizations achieve a rapid return on
investment as well as reducing long-term administrative overhead. Through expert services such as RSA
Archer Strategy Roadmap, RSA Archer Solution Delivery, RSA Archer Residency, and RSA
Archer Installation services, Professional Services consultants help you realize your organization’s
vision, with additional benefits, including rapid deployment and a verified implementation.




Whether you need occasional assistance from an RSA Archer certified expert or the attention of an
entire project team, the services team will deliver solutions that address your unique requirements and
exceed your expectations for quality.

[Archer Professional Services Data Sheet]


RSA Archer Strategy Roadmap

To build a sustainable enterprise governance, risk and compliance program, you need a solid roadmap
for communicating goals and aligning business processes organization- wide. As you formulate your
approach, take advantage of the RSA Archer Strategy Roadmap service, which helps you assess
your current state of program maturity, identify opportunities for growth, and define your vision for a
world-class Integrated Risk Management (IRM) program.
RSA’s expert consultants will collaborate with stakeholders across your organization to understand
current business processes, pain points, workflow and dependencies. Then we will recommend a
prioritized approach to implementing RSA Archer  Solutions that allow you to realize both short-
term and long-term value.
Through the Strategy Roadmap documentation and application - the final project deliverables - you will be
equipped to implement your IRM program in phases, monitor project milestones, communicate status to
senior management and modify your strategy as business requirements evolve.


RSA Archer Strategy Roadmap: An opportunity to identify an optimal deployment approach, to realize and

build on organizational-specific use cases while considering long-term scalability.

RSA Archer Strategy Roadmap “LITE”: An opportunity to identify an optimal deployment approach, and to

understand IRM program governance and best practices and how to implement these best practices within an organization.

RSA Archer Strategy Roadmap "Custom Quoted": Unique requirements, work with your RSA Sales Executive

to customize a service that meets organizational distinct requirements.


Assessment Services

RSA professionals can help you get the most out of your RSA Archer investment with a full range of assessment
offerings. Whether you are looking to optimize your environment, harmonize processes, identify optimal
deployment approaches, or to perform a Health Check to validate hardware and performance metrics,
RSA experts can provide the analysis insight to meet your needs.


RSA Archer Health Check: an assessment of a production environment’s ability to meet the rigors of the

current business objectives, to analyze and diagnose specific performance issues, and to provide general

sizing and specific issue remediation recommendations; beneficial for environments that are experiencing

general or specific performance issues.

RSA Archer Health Check "LITE": an assessment of a production environment’s ability to meet the rigors of

the current business objectives, and to provide recommendations if changes are required; beneficial for environments

that have changed significantly since the initial deployment or last upgrade.

RSA Archer Solution Delivery

Through the RSA Archer Solution Delivery service, our skilled Professional Services team will assist
you with identifying your business needs and goals, designing a solution to address your requirements,
and developing and executing a detailed plan for deploying the solution. You can count on our
experienced consultants and our proven approach to solution design and system integration for
governance, risk and compliance.
Highlights of the RSA Archer Solution Delivery service include a dedicated team of RSA Archer
Certified experts, standard phased methodology, solution design, configuration and testing, business
process optimization, system integration, and documentation and training.


For a rapid return on investment (ROI), quick deployment of RSA Archer  solutions and expedited time to

value take advantage of service offerings specifically designed to get you up and running with one or

more archer solution use case(s):

RSA Archer Quick Launch: A service engagement entails RSA Consultants deploying the

out-of-the box configuration for an in-scope Archer use case; import of content data is included.

RSA Archer Residency and Expert on Demand Services

If your organization is building or tailoring governance, risk and compliance solutions with the RSA
Archer Platform, and you need an extra resource to move your project across the finish line, take
advantage of the RSA Archer Residency or Expert on Demand (EoD) Subscription services. For a period of time
you specify, an experienced RSA Archer Certified consultant will work with your team to design and
prototype business solutions, configure workflow and notifications, generate reports and dashboards,
integrate enterprise data systems and third-party products with the RSA Archer Suite, and
transfer knowledge to your team. The RSA Archer Residency or EoD services are ideal for point-in-time support
or small-scale initiatives.

RSA Archer Installation and Upgrade Services

Whether you deploy the RSA Archer Platform on-premises or in our hosted environment, RSA offers
 Installation (SmartStart and remote installations) and Upgrade services, resulting in a rapid deployment
and a tested, verified implementation. You can also receive an introduction to key features and
functionality of the Platform and your licensed RSA Archer solutions, enabling you to realize immediate
value from your investment.
Highlights of the SmartStart Installation service include rapid deployment, a tested, verified
implementation, a dedicated resource who ensures that the job is done right, knowledge transfer and
introductory training programs adapted to your needs, simplicity and peace of mind.

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RSA has extensive experience in designing and deploying enterprise governance, risk and compliance
solutions for companies across the globe. Contact your sales representative to get started or visit the
RSA Archer Professional Services at!