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Champion III

FINAL NOTIFICATION FOR END OF PRIMARY SUPPORT (EOPS): Please be advised that this Platform version is no longer supported. Once a product reaches EOPS, RSA Archer Technical Support is no longer available under base support/maintenance agreements.


Extended Support is being offered only for Platform versions 5.5 through 5.5 SP4 through December 31, 2018, to those customers with a current maintenance contract as a prerequisite to an Extended Support purchase. Extended Support does not include Hot Fixes, best effort support only. For questions, please refer to the Product Version Life Cycle.


Contact your local Existing Accounts Manager with assistance in upgrading to a supported 6.x version. Thank you.

Visualize and communicate risk at all levels of the enterprise

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RSA Archer Risk Management enables you to proactively identify risks against your corporate objectives, evaluate the likelihood and impact of those risks on a qualitative or quantitative basis, relate them to business processes, mitigating controls, risk transfer program, and track their status and remediation of out-of-bound risks from a central, web-enabled solution.


The RSA Archer Risk Management solution allows you to build a repository of potential risks to your business, tying them to objectives, business processes, control procedures and supporting metrics. You can then create and deliver targeted risk assessments to evaluate identified risks within your environment and manage the remediation or acceptance of assessment findings to reduce risk to a tolerable level according to your organization's risk appetite. In addition, you can track losses against risks, evaluating actual annual losses to annual loss expectancy and you can correlate your risk universe to your purchased insurance program to evaluate gaps in your insurance program both in terms of covered and excluded risks and in terms of insured limits versus actual losses.


The solution enables organizations to export risk register and loss events into external Monte Carlo models and return the model output to Archer for harmonization with other assessment approaches being used. These capabilities can generally be used with the existing Monte Carlo tool that you may have in-house. For customers that do not already have Monte Carlo capabilities, RSA Archer offers the ability to do these simulations using the Palisade @Risk engine. Through this integration, organizations can better estimate risk and use this data to make better business decisions.


Regardless of the risks and risk categories that you are interested in evaluating, RSA Archer Risk Management allows you to implement your unique risk management methodology, giving you the tools to automate, streamline, measure and report at every step of the process.



This solution is available to customers with a current license to RSA Archer Risk Management.  If you have questions or require additional information about licensing, please contact RSA Archer at or call 1-888-539-EGRC.


RSA Archer Risk Management 4 HF1 is supported on RSA Archer GRC Platform 5.3.1 through 5.5 service packs



Attached are two installation packages that are available for the Risk Management solution.  Organizations interested in leveraging Monte Carlo risk simulation integration should leverage installation package and Release Notes for RSA Archer Risk Management 4 With Monte Carlo Simulation SP1.  Otherwise, you should download the RSA Archer Risk Management 4 HF1 installation package and Release Notes.