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Microsoft® 365 OneDrive and SharePoint Integration

In today’s world, it is critical to store your files in a location where you know you can get to them and where they are safe from disasters and secure from unwanted eyes. For many, Microsoft® 365 OneDrive and SharePoint are crucial for us to operate...

Screenshot 2022-05-16 114902.jpg Screenshot 2022-05-16 115007.jpg

Check out the Archer Exchange May 2022 Release Offerings

Today, we announced the Archer Exchange May 2022 Release. This release includes many new and updated offerings to help Archer admins and users integrate with products and tools that are already being used within your organization. If your organizatio...

Archer Engage and Change History

Do you know that you can capture the history of changes made to records and assessments via Engage Portal with Archer Engage v1.1.0 and later? Does this mean the History Log field captures changes made via Archer Engage? Somewhat. If you think that a...