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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

Our Archer On-Demand Subscription grants full access to our training catalog to a single student for the duration of one year. Curious to know the details around what happens when that year of access ends?

Each month, we run a cleanup process that includes the following:

  1. Any courses or exams that you have not yet started are removed from your profile
  2. Any courses or exams that have been Completed remain within your profile, will appear on your transcript, and you can continue to download a certificate of completion for each one.
  3. Courses or exams that have been started (i.e., they carry a status of In Progress) are left in your profile, and their expiration dates are treated as follows:
    • If the course was newly released at some point during your subscription year (i.e., New Course A is newly released during month 6 of your subscription and thus carries an expiration date of 6 months following your subscription) - that course's expiration date will be left alone and its original expiration date will still apply. You will be able to continue to progress through that started course until the course's expiration date is reached.
    • If the course was updated (but not newly released) during your subscription year, its expiration date is adjusted to match the end of your subscription year. Your access to that course will end, but it will remain on your profile.

      Example: Archer Administration I is a course that has been available for more than a decade. If during month 6 of your subscription year, the course is updated and you have not yet already started it, a fresh version of Admin I will replace the first version originally assigned to you. The learning platform will automatically apply a 12-month expiration date on this course for you, but you won't actually receive an additional full 12 months (which at that point makes it 18 months) of access. You will still receive the agreed-upon 12 months of total access, with the expiration date being adjusted at the conclusion of your subscription year.  Because of this, be sure to dig into your courses as early as you're able to, once you've been assigned a subscription.

If you have other questions about this, please leave a comment below, and we'll update this article to include the answer. Thanks!



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