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Prudential Regulation Authority Outsourcing and Third Party Risk Management Supervisory Statement (SS2/21) Authoritative Source Content

The Prudential Regulation Authority (PRA), as part of the Bank of England, is the United Kingdom’s prudential regulator for deposit-takers, insurance companies and designated investment firms. The PRA is responsible for the prudential regulation and ...

Cognitive View Integration

Cognitive View monitors all customer and employee interactions to help firms meet compliance, reduce conduct risk, and improve customer experience. By automating controls at the first line of risk function, Cognitive View aims to help organizations m...

Cognitive-View-logo-04x-1-300x53.png Cognitive View Platform Screenshot 1.png Cognitive View Platform Screenshot 2.png Cognitive View Platform Screenshot 5.png

Auditmation™ Integration

uditmation™ and Archer have teamed up to deliver independent, forensic grade automated evidence, through a seamless user experience. The Auditmation™ integration with Archer automates the collection of evidence and makes all collected evidence readil...

auditmation logo.png Gloria_Higley_0-1636681451158.png Gloria_Higley_0-1636656722769.png Control Evaluations Screenshot.png

Caveris ICAS Integration

Caveris was founded to help businesses manage their information and cybersecurity protection measures. The Caveris Information and Cyber Assurance Suite (ICAS) solution brings structure, order, and oversight to the management of Information Risk and ...


Archer Experts eDiscovery Management App-Pack

The Archer Experts eDiscovery Management app-pack was designed to solve a common disconnect that users experience in Governance, Risk, and Compliance (GRC) systems regarding data privacy; separation from the actual data they are answering questions f...

Gloria_Higley_0-1619635830664.png Gloria_Higley_0-1619730277920.png Gloria_Higley_0-1619731100322.png Gloria_Higley_1-1619730592563.png

COGRIS Turkish Insurance Law Authoritative Source

This Authoritative Source was developed by Archer Exchange Technology partner, COGRIS. COGRIS provides consultancy, assessment, training and implementation services on Integrated Risk Management strategies, processes, solutions, maturity assessments,...


Regology Regulatory Change Management Integration

Comprised of a global team of international legal and compliance experts, along with engineers with deep expertise in artificial intelligence and natural language processing, Regology is on a mission to reduce the pain of regulatory legal and complia...

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