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The North American Electric Reliability Corporation is a nonprofit corporation which was formed by the electric utility industry to promote the reliability and adequacy of bulk power transmission in the electric utility systems of North America. NERC's mission states that it is to "ensure the reliability of the North American bulk power system."

The importance of the Bulk Electric System to the economy has led the North American Electric Reliability Council to define standards for maintaining its security and reliability. Descriptions of these standards are below.

  • NERC-VAR: NERC has created the Voltage and Reactive Control standards to ensure that voltage levels, reactive flows, and reactive resources are monitored, controlled and maintained within limits in real time to protect equipment and the reliable operation of the interconnection.

  • NERC-BAL: NERC has created the Real Power Balancing Control Performance standards to maintain interconnection steady-state frequency within defined limits by balancing real power demand and supply in real-time.

  • NERC-CIP: Since Cyber Assets are an integral part of supporting the Bulk Electric System, NERC has created the Critical Infrastructure Protection standards to provide guidance on the appropriate protection mechanisms for these assets. The NERC Critical Infrastructure Protection standards provide a security framework for identifying and protecting cyber assets that are critical for supporting the reliable operation of the Bulk Electric System.

  • NERC-COM: NERC has created the Telecommunications standards to implement adequate and reliable telecommunications facilities internally and with others for the exchange of interconnection and operating information necessary to maintain reliability.

  • NERC-EOP: NERC has created the Emergency Operations Planning standards to to develop, maintain and implement a set of plans to mitigate operating emergencies.

  • NERC-FAC: NERC has created the Facility Connection Requirements to guide Transmission Owners in creating facility connection and performance infrastructures that avoid adverse impacts on reliability.

  • NERC-INT: NERC has created the Interchange Information standards to ensure that Interchange information is submitted to the NERC identified reliability analysis service.

  • NERC-IRO: NERC has created the Reliability Coordination standards to establish responsibilities and authorities to re-dispatch generation, reconfigure transmission or reduce load to mitigate critical conditions to return the system to a reliable state.

  • NERC-MOD: NERC has created the Modeling, Data and Analysis standards to establish proper consistent and uniform application of calculations for transmission systems.

  • NERC-NUC: NERC has created the Nuclear standards to establish coordination between Nuclear Plant Generator Operators and Transmission Entities for the purpose of ensuring nuclear plant safe operation and shutdown.

  • NERC-PER: NERC has created the Personnel Performance, Training and Qualifications standards to establish consistent operating personnel definitions, job responsibilities and roles. NERC-PRC NERC has created the Protection and Control standards to ensure system protection is coordinated among operating entities.

  • NERC-TOP: NERC has created the Transmission Operations standards to ensure reliability entities have clear decision-making authority and capabilities to take appropriate actions or direct the actions of others to return the transmission system to normal conditions during an emergency.

  • NERC-TPL: NERC has created the Transmission Planning standards to ensure that reliable systems are developed that meet specified performance requirements with sufficient lead time, and that they continue to be modified or upgraded as necessary to meet present and future system needs.

NOTE: Some sections of the original texts from NERC contain mathematical equations and cannot be replicated within Archer. Therefore, the mathematical equations and other non-text images within the original texts have been removed.



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