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Crowe LLP is a public accounting, consulting and technology firm with offices around the world. Crowe uses its deep industry expertise to provide audit services to public and private entities. The firm and its subsidiaries also help clients make smart decisions that lead to lasting value with its tax, advisory and consulting services. As an independent member of Crowe Global, one of the largest global accounting networks in the world, Crowe serves clients worldwide. The network consists of more than 200 independent accounting and advisory services firms in more than 130 countries around the world.

The Crowe Pandemic Response and Recovery app-pack aggregates external data, including government mandates, closures, virus cases and more, and correlates it with an organization’s internal data, such as employees, vendors, customers, products, facilities, policies, and business processes or functions. This tool centralizes the data executives need to identify emerging risks, adapt business initiatives and, most importantly, care for their employees throughout the pandemic’s lifecycle.


Key Features

The Crowe Pandemic Response app-pack enables organizations to:

  • Track relevant jurisdictions and data needed to risk assess and make decisions regarding employees, vendors, customers, and facilities.
  • Track closures, shelter in place directives, economic actions, policy changes, and other mandates and orders across various jurisdictions.
  • Identify employees, vendors, customers, and other people associated with the organization that you need to track and support during the outbreak. 
  • Manage contact tracing for people known to have possible exposure.
  • Survey employees to gather relevant data including location, remote office needs, work schedule changes, safety concerns, and wellness.
  • Review information and trigger the actions needed to support employees, respond to exposures, etc. 
  • Create and workflow actions needed to support employees, including equipment, money, tangible goods, emotional support, or other assistance.
  • Manage the request, approval, and communication workflow for personnel that need authorization to perform on-site functions.
  • Track exposed persons throughout their exposure and/or illness, and identify required exposure actions such as reporting, communication, facility cleaning, and facility closures.
  • Track, approve, assign, and confirm actions associated with presumed and/or confirmed exposure including notification, facility closure, cleaning, etc.  



  • Gain visibility with centralized, correlated data - Replace your disparate data sources and spreadsheets with one tool that gathers and correlates the data you need to identify emerging risks, adapt the business, and, most importantly, care for employees.
  • Improve efficiency - Spend less time figuring out how to manage your response. With data in one place, you can make faster, better decisions about how you interact with your employees, clients, vendors, customers, healthcare organizations and governmental agencies.
  • Prioritize actions - With correlation of external and internal data, you can understand emerging risks and triage high priority concerns related to employee health, workforce management, and other operational issues.
  • Coordinate responses - Get everyone on the same page quickly and establish consistency when it comes to communication, support actions, exposure management, and more. 


Solution and Platform Information


Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) Licenses

Four (4) Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) licenses are required for Crowe Pandemic Response app-pack. 

In addition, five (5) questionnaires are required for this offering. This requires a licensed use case that enables questionnaires in order for this questionnaire to function. 

Additional licensing fees will also apply.  Contact for additional information.


For More Information

To learn more about the Crowe Pandemic Response app-pack:


For Additional Support

To learn more about Crowe, please contact For technical support questions, please contact at 312-857-7500. For questions regarding this offering or to obtain the install package, please contact  for more information. 



Crowe Pandemic Response App-Pack

Jurisdiction Summary



Crowe Pandemic Response App-Pack

Pandemic Cases

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