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With much content to publish, the task becomes daunting when trying to identify which mail merge templates to use and where to publish the content. The Archer Multi-Record Publisher tool & utility was developed to automate and assist you with publishing content from multiple records. Often times, organizations will require publication of content from multiple records to several locations. In addition, those records may require different templates to publish.  

With this offering, you can run an advanced search against the application of your choice to look for records that have been marked ready for publication.  It will then inspect each record to determine the correct mail merge template to use for that record, and then perform a merge and publish the document to the configured output location. Finally, it will reset the flag to ensure that each record is only uploaded one time.

The Archer Multi-Record Publisher is an application that runs on a scheduled basis through the Windows Task Scheduler. However, other automation software can be used in place of Windows Task Scheduler if desired.

Key Features

Archer Multi-Record Publisher Tool and Utility with Archer enables organizations to:

  • Automate the mail merge process
  • Allow users to trigger a mail merge simply by setting a values list

Solution and Platform Information

  • Solution Area: All
  • Prerequisite Use Cases: This offering does not require any prerequisites.
  • Supported Platform Version: Archer Platform Release 6.7 and later
  • Supported Archer Environments: On-Premises

Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) Licenses

This offering does NOT require any Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) licenses.

For More Information

To learn more about the Archer Multi-Record Publisher tool and utility:

The Archer Multi-Record Publisher Tool & Utility is an offering provided through the Archer Exchange to enhance your existing Archer implementation. To learn more about the Archer Exchange, please visit the Archer Exchange on the Archer Community. 

For Additional Support

To learn more about this offering, please contact your Account Rep for additional details. For technical support questions regarding this offering, please open a support case.

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