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Gifts, entertainment, and charitable donations are used frequently to build and maintain good relationships between an organization and the company's they do business with.  However, if they are not managed properly, they can result in risks with conflict of interest.  Most organizations implement some form of anti-bribery or conflict of interest policy to ensure employees are conducting business in an honest and ethical manner when contemplating or entering into a transaction or arrangement that might benefit one party over the other.  It is crucial for organizations to ensure that any gifts, entertainment  or charitable donations are within the company's policies and do not pose a conflict of interest to protect the relationships between their partners, customers, vendors and anyone in which they conduct business.


The Archer Gift Registration offering ensures compliance against organization's gift and entertainment policies. It helps monitor the risks against violations of conflict of interest with regards to gifts, entertainment expenses and charitable donations. With the Archer Gift Registration app-pack, organizations can identify requests over the company’s threshold and manage the exceptions to identify areas with potential conflicts of interest and address the issue.


Key Features

  • Track gifts, entertainment expenses, and charitable donations
  • Identify and manage non-compliant expenses
  • Manage and report exceptions for approved expenses outside of the organization’s threshold
  • Provide visibility into the status of the requests



  • Consistent and repeatable process for tracking and approving gifts, entertainment expenses, and charitable donation
  • Monitor risks against conflicts of interest with business partners, customers, and vendors
  • Ensure compliance with anti-bribery and conflict of interest policies


Solution and Platform Information


Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) Licenses

One (1) Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) license is required for Archer Gift Registration.


For More Information

To learn more about Archer Gift Registration:

The Archer Gift Registration app-pack is provided through the Archer Exchange to help expand your Archer use cases. To learn more about the Archer Exchange, please visit the Archer Exchange on the Archer Community.

For Additional Support

To learn more about this offering, please contact your Account Rep for additional details. For technical support questions regarding this offering, please open a support case.



Requestor Dashboard v2.jpg

Archer Gift Registration

Requestor Dashboard


Approver Dashboard v2.jpg

Archer Gift Registration

Approver Dashboard

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