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As organizations begin their risk management journey, some look to simplify their end-users' data entry experience within Archer to streamline and focus their activity .

The Archer Enhanced User Experience Tool & Utility enhances the existing record layouts for Applications, Questionnaires, and Sub-Forms within your Archer instance. These changes change the end-user experience by providing a simplified and streamlined interface for interacting with records within the Archer Platform.

The tool & utility applies a custom object to each layout within a module which dynamically rearranges and restyles the existing controls on the layout upon page load. The offering modernizes the look-and-feel of the record page by making changes to the layout post-load as to not require changes to be made to the layout in the Application Builder.

The offering also provides a hyperlink next to each existing content URL link on the layout allowing users to open a cross-referenced record in a new pop-up window versus leaving the record they are currently viewing.

Finally, the offering provides a Formula Inspector option within the More Options menu on the right side of the record layout page for System or Configuration Administrators to view formulas associated with the calculated fields on the front-end record page layout. Clicking this button returns the Calculation Details of all calculated fields within the level and provides a formula inspector link display a pop-up window that displays the formula associated with the specified calculated field.

The offering can be easily deployed or removed within a single Archer instance without needing to make changes to those modules via the traditional Archer package installation process.

Key Features 

Archer Archer Enhanced User Experience Tool & Utility enables Archer admins to: 

  • Enhance the existing record layouts of Applications, Questionnaires, and Sub-Forms within your Archer instance.  
  • Open cross-referenced records in a new Archer window without navigating away from the current record.​ 
  • Allow admins to view formulas associated with calculated fields directly from a record page facilitating record specific troubleshooting.​ 

Solution and Platform Information 

  • Solution Area: All 
  • Prerequisite Use Cases: This offering does not require any prerequisites. 
  • Supported Platform Version: Archer Platform Release 6.11 P1
  • Supported Archer Environments:  
    • On-Premises 
    • Archer Hosted 
    • Archer SaaS 

Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) Licenses 

This offering does NOT require any Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) licenses.  Additional information regarding ODA requirements can be found on the Installation Package listing.

For More Information 

To learn more about the Archer Enhanced User Experience Tool & Utility: 

The Archer Enhanced User Experience Tool & Utility is an offering provided through the Archer Exchange to enhance your existing Archer implementation. To learn more about the Archer Exchange, please visit the Archer Exchange on the Archer Community. 

For Additional Support 

To learn more about this offering, please contact your Account Rep for additional details. For technical support questions regarding this offering, please open a support case


Enhanced User Experience - record.png

Archer Enhanced User Experience - Record


Enhanced User Experience - cross ref record.png

 Archer Enhanced User Experience - Cross Reference Record Pop-up


Enhanced User Experience - view formula.png

 Archer Enhanced User Experience - Admin Formula Viewer Pop-up

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