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Archer Employee
Archer Employee

1touch-io-300w.png understands the most difficult challenges posed by GDPR and other data privacy regulations. This understanding has led us to build a solution that automates strenuous data privacy compliance activities, saving your organization time and money. Through our network-based approach, has demonstrated to organizations that the biggest problem is in identifying unknown repositories that hold unknown data. DLM Pro has dramatically improved the way that enterprises are able to address the problem of the unknown, with respect to Data Lifecycle Management. Enterprises deploy DLM Pro to watch network traffic – data in motion – to produce a list of network elements that store, process and share personal data. There is no need to tell DLM Pro where to look for such data repositories, as it automatically creates an inventory of all network elements, which naturally includes the data repositories.  Once the location of data has been discovered, DLM Pro will analyze the stored data – data at rest – to find where the personal data is stored, allowing the enterprise to understand where personal data is found, and how it is being used.

Key Features DL Pro Integration enables organizations to:

  • Automate the process of gathering the necessary data to inventory all network elements and repositories that store, process or share personal data
  • Identify changes in the Data Lifecycle Management process, such as new repositories and 3rd parties
  • Identify data flows within the organization, to assist with the documentation of the business flows

Solution and Platform Information

  • Solution Area:  
    • Regulatory & Corporate Compliance Management
    • Third Party Governance
  • Prerequisite Use Cases:
    • Archer Issues Management
    • Archer Data Governance
    • Archer Third Party Catalog
    • Archer Third Party Engagement
    • Archer Third Party Risk Management
  • Supported Platform Version: Archer Platform Release 6.4
  • Supported Archer Environments:
    • On-Premises
    • Archer SaaS
    • Archer Hosted

Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) Licenses

This offering does NOT require any Archer On-Demand Application (ODA) licenses. 

For More Information

To learn more about the DLM Pro Integration: 

The DLM Pro Integration is an offering provided through the Archer Exchange to enhance your existing Archer implementation. To learn more about the Archer Exchange, please visit the Archer Exchange on the Archer Community. 

For Additional Support

To learn more about, please contact or call 475.292.0843. For technical support questions, please contact or call 475.292.0843.

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