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This training offers a look into the automation of Assessment and Authorization (A&A) built to fit your risk and compliance needs. This course addresses the process of authorizing a new system to operate, and introduces how those systems can be leveraged to provide a high-level look at risk across an organization. The structure and operations of the Archer Public Sector use case, including A&A and Plan of Action and Milestones (POA&Ms), will be explored through lecture and hands-on experience. An introduction to Archer's Continuous Monitoring (CM) solution will also be provided.

Archer users responsible for the procurement, development, integration, modification, or maintenance of an information system and its security posture.

Delivery Options

Approximately 16 hours, depending on the pace you follow to complete lab exercises

Prerequisite Knowledge/Skills
Students should have familiarity with navigating Archer, or have completed the Getting Started with Archer: Foundational Skills course.

Learning Objectives
Upon successful completion of this course, participants should be able to:

  • Explain the components of the Public Sector use case
  • Create an Authorization Package
  • Allocate and assess appropriate Controls for an Authorization Package
  • Submit an Authorization Package for ATO Decision
  • Create and Submit a POA&M
  • Review, Approve, and Close a POA&M
  • Create and Submit a Risk Acceptance Request
  • Explain how A&A interacts with CM
  • Identify how data collected within CM is used to gain visibility into risk across the organization

Course Outline

  • Course Introduction
    • Expectations for the course
    • Objectives
  • Unit 1: Introduction to Public Sector
    • Public Sector components
    • Introduction to the lab environment
    • Explore available dashboards and reports

  • Unit 2: Assessment & Authorization
    • Create and categorize an Authorization Package
    • Allocate and tailor appropriate controls
    • Prepare an Authorization Package for control assessment
    • Assess Controls
    • Submit an Authorization Package for ATO decision

  • Unit 3: Plan of Action & Milestones
    • Create and submit a POA&M
    • Review, approve, and close a POA&M
    • Create and submit a risk acceptance request

  • Unit 4: Introduction to Continuous Monitoring
    • CM components
    • Discuss how A&A interacts with CM
    • Discuss how scanning tools are leveraged by CM to provide an organization-wide look at risk

  • Course Summary
    • Customer support options
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