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Workflow UX Survey Results

Archer Employee
Archer Employee

We recently gathered feedback for our new workflow user experience from the RSA LINK community. After multiple iterations, we asked for your feedback on two options we felt simplified actions and buttons on the records page when workflow was enabled. As a reminder, our primary goal was to help infrequent business users of Archer see what’s most important on a record with workflow by prioritizing and organizing buttons and information in an intuitive way.


Here is a reminder of the options we surveyed:


Option A: Save options are displayed within a drop-down at the same level as workflow actions.

Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.36.07 AM.png


Option B: Save options are displayed outside the workflow actions drop-down.

 Screen Shot 2019-05-17 at 11.35.30 AM.png


The results:


As you can see, option A won by a small margin. Many preferred A because it seemed “cleaner” and minimized confusion as end users may think “Save” or “Save and Close” would advance the record when it doesn’t. It also gives more priority to advancing a record as it is the primary goal when viewing a record within a workflow.

“Option A seems much cleaner. It would be confusing to an end user to see Save and Save and Close (which seem like actions) separated. Also, those actions being visible is not what we want. We want users to advance the record in the workflow.”


“I am afraid Opt. B would have occasional users always selecting save and not moving the record forward in the workflow.”


Proponents of option B mentioned they preferred it because saving didn’t require an extra click. Participants in the survey also mentioned the need to have "Save" readily visible so data isn’t lost if there is data to be entered in a long form.

“If the form has a lot of fields and requires a lot of time to complete, then we need to have the save icons standalone. If there are only a few fields we expect to complete in one quick sitting, then the save isn't as important and could go under the action. If we ever figure out autosave, then this isn't an issue.”


“… I feel it is IMPERATIVE to keep the save and save and close always visible or else you're opening yourself up to “how do I save” or “I didn’t know I had to save” from every casual or once a year end user.”


New iteration of the workflow experience

Based on this feedback, we designed another iteration we hope will accommodate the needs to minimize confusion when advancing a workflow but also make saving a record more visible for end users who need to save before advancing a record in a workflow.


In this iteration we will display Save as an icon on the right side as well as under the actions dropdown.



Thank you for all the feedback from the community. Your participation has been extremely valuable in our design process. Please check back in the future for more research opportunities and surveys.