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Advocate II

I know that Ali Hari Krishna was kind enough to share what they developed - Custom Object Button for <Previous and Next> Tab set 

So, I thought I'd post my version.  



The document I'm providing has a JavaScript and HTML.

In the environment I support, we generally have a "record information" section that contains helper fields etc. And is generally placed at the bottom of the form and collapsed by default.

Within that section, which is outside of the tab control itself, I placed the first custom object containing the JavaScript.

Next, within each of the tabs, I created a custom object that contains the html that's also attached in the word doc.



Sharing my version of the Toggle Tab Controls.

Below is a snapshot of my buttons.  They're a little "old" so they may need some "renovation" to make them a look a little more current.

I guess this is to your preference, but I personally liked the look of Ali's better than what I created.


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