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Resolved! Confirm Box not working for AWF button

@DavidPetty @Ilya_Khen We have a "Re-enrollment" button in the workflow for re-enrolling the record. We need to show a confirm box when that button is clicked. If user clicks OK than workflow should run as usual else it should do nothing when Cancel ...

Custom Object to show alert on value change

Hi Team, Recently I have written a code in v6.9 P2 to show an alert for record when value list(radio button) field value changes to certain value. Somehow when I used the same code in other application it is not working. Please help me to address thi...

Resolved! Custom object for user group

Hello group. We have a working custom object that updates a values list field based on the user group. It was fairly easy to maintain with a limited number of groups. But that is now changing and I need a better solution that allows for flexibility. ...

Hide Hyperlinks from a Key field

Hi Is there any custom object which can provide us to disable Hyperlink from a Key field , which acts as a CR field from a Questionnaire ? Because we don't want the user to select the Field so that user should not go the CR record? Thanks

AmitGupta by Collaborator III
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Need custom object code. Force Phone # format

Hello,Does anyone have an existing custom object code for force a ph# format?We need the users to enter phone number like this???-???-????. We wont let them save the record unless they use that format.If you have code for this we would appreciate it....

RodEhrlich by Contributor III
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Resolved! Datafeed Custom buttons conflicting

Hi all, Can someone assist me in the following issue:I have two datafeeds running through two custom object buttons in the same page.As it seems the system runs always the second one (if you put a second) I attach the code for feed 1 and feed 2 - if ...

Resolved! Mimic Questionnaire Add New

I am looking to mimic the questionnaire add new field, to place it on another application. I did debug and took the onclick value of Add New button. If i pass that value directly in HTML, the link is working fine. But if i try to pass that via javasc...

Saravanan by Contributor III
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Resolved! Unbind AWF buttons?

I know it is possible to unbind the onclick event for the Save and Save and Close buttons.However, I don't seem to be able to do this for the Workflow buttons.Wondering if this is possible. Ultimately, I want to trigger the event if my criteria is OK...

jsol5 by Advocate II
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Custom Code

Hi , I have a custom button created which is called Submit in questionnaire.So once they click submit, we should hide the submit button. I have seen the code which is there in community to hide a button.custom button:

Submit Certification
Save and

AshaHB by Contributor III
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