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Web Services to pull users without Domain

Collaborator II

Sorry to ask such a basic question but I did try for some time to get it down.

I am attempting to use Web Services API to pull a list of user accounts without a domain, GETUSERDOMAINLIST.

I have it all setup but I can not get the right value to pass for the domain, <usersDomain>No Domain</usersDomain>.

I tried NULL and various other keywords but I end up with, Server was unable to process request. ---> Domain not found..



Archer Employee
Archer Employee

To get users without a domain, there is a different method called GetUserList.  

That returns all users though, correct? It does not provide any mechanism for filtering results?


I have 100k+ user accounts, so I would rather just return the 15 or so accounts without a domain. Essentially, I want to be able to audit a report of manual users, those without an ldap domain.

I recommend using REST API so that you can apply OData filters.  For example, the following will select a few user attributes, filter users without a domain, and sort by last login descending.  For more OData examples, check out the API Templates Application.

URL: /api/core/system/user


  "Value": "?$select=Id,UserName,DisplayName,LastLoginDate&$filter=DomainId eq null&$orderby=LastLoginDate desc"