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Third Party Profile Field List

Contributor II

Is there a definitive list of all of the out of the box fields within the Third Party Profile module that includes a description of what type of data each field is intended to contain, the formatting requirements, and character limitations for each field?

Context: I am working on an API integration project and need to align import data from an external source with Archer fields. I tried doing this manually, but the imports fail because the import data does not fit the requirements of Archer fields.

Christopher Sikora

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Maybe REST API call will help you:


Hi Ilya,

Thank you for the suggestion. Where would I find that path? I'm not an Archer Developer and we have cloud-based instance.

Christopher Sikora

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AH, okay, you are in SaaS. I am not really sure if SaaS has API open for you, you can request this from Support.

But if it is open, you just use your URL and append the path I provided.

E.g. you url:  

3rd party ID: 444

Then full path would be: That would give you JSON to parse.

However, the best solution would be to install (Thanks to @JeffLetterman  again): 

Collaborator III

@csikora It is best to reach out to your Archer Account Manager to get the data dictionary for the Third Party Catalog use case, which contains the Third Party Profile application in it.  I have attached the one I received from our Archer Account Manager in February 2021 when we were upgrading our Third Party Catalog use case to the latest version at the time, version 6.8.  Archer's documentation tends to lag behind their releases so at the time, their latest data dictionary available was from version 6.2.  I just had to figure out the differences between the two versions on my own.  I'm not sure why it's not posted publicly on the Archer Community with the documentation for the use cases and solutions.  It's useful information that can be very helpful in many instances.  I hope this helps!