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Fetch Department Name of USer

I would like to get the Department Name from the Users. IF any user selected in the record, the Department name of the User. Requirement 1 :: If any Record Permission is selected in a record, there should be some way to identify the User's Department...

Retrieve Advanced Workflow History via API

I need to use the API (SOAP or REST) or an SQL query to retrieve the history of button clicks in Advanced Workflow. I recently added a "Closed Date" to an application and need to populate prior entries. I'd like to search for the most recent selected...

New Location for Free Friday Tech Huddle Replays

In response to valuable feedback from our customers via the Working Groups, we are happy to announce an exciting change that will enhance your experience on the Archer Community platform. We have listened attentively to your suggestions and recognize...

Archer Exchange Offering List

Looking for a specific Archer Exchange offering? The tables below provide a list of all available Archer Exchange offerings. Please note that videos, implementation guides and implementation packages require login access to the Archer Community. App-...

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Archer Training Schedule - 2023

Below is the planned Archer training schedule, broken apart by region. All courses shown in the public schedule will be delivered virtually over Zoom. Kindly note that courses may be canceled due to low/no enrollments, and there is a maximum number o...

Archer Exchange Release May 2023

Overview The Archer Exchange May 2023 release was announced on May 16, 2023 and provides a wide variety of offerings designed to help you expand your Archer use cases and manage your Archer implementation. For a detailed list of features within this ...

Archer Release 6.13

Overview Archer Release 6.13 delivers enhancements for Archer use cases and the Archer Platform. For a detailed list of features within this release, please see the Advisory Announcement information below. Advisories Advisories announce a release and...

Archer Saas - Base OS

Archer Saas - BASE OS Hello, I assume Archer is Windows based but didn't want to assume. We need this for our vendor records and cannot find anywhere. Can someone please confirm Archer is Windows based?

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